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Abdon J Romero Art Studio



        Abdon J Romero is a professional artist recognized internationally as one of the most distinguished painters of his generation. His works include murals and sculptures for public buildings, corporate and celebrity portraits, industrial design, comics and graphic novels, drawing and anatomy manuals and educational videos, demonstrating a wide range of expertise in accordance with the Renaissance tradition of versatility and mastery of various disciplines. 

     In addition to his outstanding artistic achievements, Master Romero has served as a professor of Morphological Anatomy, figure and portrait drawing, painting and commercial illustration for more than thirty years at universities, private schools, and all levels of art schools.    

      This vast experience along with his renown art studio has led to notable commissions, including his monumental public Mural commission "The Salvation History", an outstanding 5,500 square foot oil on linen in Maracaibo, Venezuela where his mastery and craftsmanship made him worthy of a distinguished place in the Latin American art world and led to the commision for his oil mural painting at San Juan Bosco Church in Miami, U.S.A.

       Further, prominent professional and business leaders in the community have commissioned Master Romero to paint portraits of notable figures such as Pope John Paul II, Mrs. Oprah Winfrey, Andres Galarraga, and Reny Otolina, Marco Antonio Muñiz, among other celebrities.

       A master of masters, we can find several generations of his students around the art world distinguished by their international success.

       Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1956, Master Romero began drawing when he received a gift of paper and colored pencils from his grandfather at the young age of four. Years later, he began to paint in watercolors and inks. At eleven he attended Escuela de Artes Plasticas Julio Arraga.  Soon thereafter, Master Romero desired to expand his artistic knowledge beyond the basic avant garde principles of the time and set off for a world education of the arts through a retracing of the Renaissance.

        Pursuing his love for the Italian Renaissance, Barroque and Naturalism of the XIX century, Master Romero began to teach himself, gathering information from different sources; studying from old books, observing masterpieces at museums, and the legacy of great masters such as Velazquez, Rembrandt, Zorn, Sorolla, Boldini, Sargent and his hero, Arturo Michelena.  Master Romero's artisitic teachings and studies during this more than twenty year period took him to Spain, United States, Italy,  where he had the privilege to learn directly from world renown masters, including Rivas Rius (pastels), Francesc Serra (figure drawing and painting), Guillem Fresquet Bardina (waterclors), Seferino Olive (watercolors), Pablo San Segundo Castañeda (painting), Gabriel Bracho (Murals), Jose Domingo Segrelles (paintng).  

      In 1999, following his extensive acquisition of art history and masterful techniques, Master Romero founded the Abdon J Romero Studios -- the first "atelier" of its kind in Florida.

        Master Romero continues to live and work in Miami, Florida, where he has resided for more than two decades. He remains dedicated to teaching his own drawing and painting blend of classical pre-academic renaissance principles and the XIX century atelier method.      

Abdon J Romero Art Studio

                                                        (786) 773 7725





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